Automate customer interaction

Improve staff productivity and provide consistent customer experience by removing human biases
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Automate Customer engagement

It's almost impossible to manually track every customer and interact keeping in mind their past experiences. Fortunately, Brisky makes it possible.

From automatically re-engaging with customers to answering FAQs, Brisky acts as the most intelligent customer support manager you'd ever had.

Helps you engage with customers and drive repeat guests with zero manual effort.

Improve staff efficiency

Now your customers can interact with your virtual server and decide faster. Push recommended dishes & drinks and engage your customers to help your staff manage more tables in less time.

With customers now segregated into different cohorts based on the questions they ask, businesses can target better and provide ultra-personalised services.



Get data insights in simple language

We promise to save you from UGLY GRAPHS and DATA DUMPING. 90% of the workflows are automated and all you are left to do is glance and decide.

Brisky's IntelligentFeed technology crunches data in real-time to provide relevant cards with one line actionable insights, serving you the right solution and latest market trends.

Drive great results with minimal resources


Increase in repeat guest footfalls for our clients


Increase in positive feedback with improved customer service

₹50 Million +

Business generated by simple re-engagement

Features that get you business

Automated feedback

Collect real reviews from your customers without depending on staff. 80% of feedbacks through Brisky contains comments & suggestions. Quality feedbacks help you gain real insights about your business.

Build brand re-call

Intelligent engagement with Brisky bot ensures brands stay connected with their customers. This helps businesses increase repeat guests, build loyalty and spend low on aquiring new customers.

Targeted marketing

Get a better understanding of your customer's interests, preferences and priorities. The segregation of customers based on past interactions helps businesses reach out to the right audience with right offerings.

Customer score

Identify high-value and regular customers upfront and surprise them with ultra personalised services. Get positive word-of-mouth going with a simple gesture and build your brand even stronger.

Helping businesses improve customer experience and drive sales

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